How to Care For Someone This Winter

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Whether it be for yourself, someone you love, or even a neighbour – it is important to ensure everyone takes #ExtraCare during the colder months. There’s plenty of easy tips and tricks to assure people are looking after themselves to the best possible standard, so we have rounded up our top three ways you can care for someone this Winter:

Staying warm

By ensuring your loved one is stocked up on household layers such as blankets, dressing gowns, hot water bottles and draft excluders: this will allow them to warm up faster and retain heat in their body and their home. Depending on their energy payment plan, it is also worthwhile advising them to top up their home with gas/oil and electricity in advance so that they don’t have to unnecessarily venture outside multiple times or see themselves stuck for warmth.

Being prepared

Preparing for bad weather is essential at this time of the year. When out shopping, make sure that you or your loved one are buying enough food to last longer periods of time and are including non-perishable items on the shopping list. Having the appropriate Winter clothing is also vital, therefore investing in good-quality thermals and cleated boots should be made a priority to avoid chills and falls.

Visiting them

Be it a neighbour or family member, it can often be easy to forget that December is one of the prime times of year for people to feel lonely. It may seem simple, but by knocking on someone’s door to give them a Christmas card and a 10 minute chat can make their day, or even their week – so don’t hesitate if you are already thinking of doing it.