Age is Just a Number for 70 Year Old Carer

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At Extra Care we value all our staff and we are delighted when people choose our charity as the place to spend many years of their career. One of our long serving carers should be relaxing in her retirement years, but at 70 years old, there are no signs of stopping her!

*Jenny’s name was changed on her request to protect her identity.

Jenny* has been working with Extra Care for over two decades. We are fortunate to have people like her who are passionate, dedicated and caring working with us to ensure our clients are receiving the best possible care while living in their own homes.

Here, Jenny* shares her experiences having worked with us over the years.

“I was a cook in the hospital for many years and then I spent time bringing up my family before I got into the caring profession.

I started out at the beginning doing overnight stays with various clients and then I went on to do sits with people during the day. The hours suited me and years ago when I was bringing up my family, the schedules were very flexible. I enjoyed getting to know the various people I cared for.  Now I care for one person and have been doing so for around 20 years. I sit with her for a few hours in the afternoon every day and will make her a cup of coffee and it allows her husband who is her primary carer to have a break.

Why I like Extra Care is because they are very good to work for and everyone is really nice, not to mention so flexible! I don’t have any plans to retire! There are only so many things you can do when you aren’t working during the day, so it keeps me busy and I really do enjoy it. I don’t have any specific hobbies, so this is the perfect thing to keep me active and I get out and about.

The job allows me to be home all morning and then I return after 4pm so it really works well around my personal life. It has suited me extremely well over the years, so I suppose that is a big part of why I have been at Extra Care for so long. I like that I can be with my client for a few hours daily and I have really got to know her over the years.”

We are delighted to have you as part of the Extra Care family and you are a real inspiration!