“We Could Not Cope Without Extra Care”

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At Extra Care, we pride ourselves in providing support that enables our service users to continue living at home, feeling comfortable and safe in their surroundings.

We are proud that so many of our clients have been receiving care with us for many years, and in some cases, for decades. Extra Care is like a large family and our service users have come to see us in that light. The services we provide have an added personal touch and in many cases those ‘little things’ make a great difference.

One of our services user Anna, who we have been helping for over 20 years, has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She lives at home in Maghera with her husband Kevin who is her primary carer and he tells us what a life-line Extra Care has been for him whilst assisting in the care of his wife.

“Anna has been receiving domiciliary care, four times a day since 1998. The same team usually comes in which is great as myself and Anna are very familiar with the carers and they know her needs. We wouldn’t be able to cope without Extra Care and I am convinced she would have to live in a care home if we didn’t have their help.  You never know where she could end up if she was in a care home – it could be miles away, so it’s much better she lives with me.

From Anna’s point of view, although her mobility is restricted, it gives her a level of independence to still be living at home and she remains part of our local community. Anna does spend most of her time in bed, but she can also be moved to her chair throughout the day. We are happy because we know she is better off living at home, where her friends and other family can visit when they choose.

The aim was for Anna to have a reliable team that could support her to live at home and that is what Extra Care are providing so we are very pleased.”

At Extra Care we are so pleased that we have been able to help Anna remain living in her own home with her husband. The many years of care are testament to the wonderful staff working for the charity and long may that continue.